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Europa – In Greek mythology a Phoenician princess abducted by Zeus.

The term “Europe” derives from the Greek words meaning broad or wide (eurys) and face or eyes (ops) which would suggest intelligence or open-mindedness. Geographically it stood for mainland Greece and by 500 BC the term was extended to the north.

The division of the Roman Empire into “Oriens-Occidens Europa”, Latin in the West, Greek in the East, marked the continent profoundly.

In 1956 princess Europa appeared on postage stamps commemorating a “United Europe” and as a symbol of pan-europeanism is depicted on the Greek €2 as on several other commemorative coins.

Europe covers 10,180,000 square kilometres or 2 % of the Earth’s surface and 6.8 % of the planet’s total land area with a population of 731 million, about 11% of the world’s population.

Fight for survival, freedom and liberty have marked Europe’s history.
Territories have changed hands, peoples moved and fled to other countries.
Differences of language, religion and economic system have brought people together or separated them.
Artwork by Adrian Tuchel

St ?? Flour room - Venice

Education and culture in Europe have created a mosaic.

Cambridge University has laid some of its pieces and celebrated its 8th centenary. Its colleges have long welcomed students from all parts of Europe and beyond. Their improved knowledge helped make people in their countries aware of the possibilities of collaborative growth.

The Austro-Hungarian empire, united middle Europe’s 11 principal national groups. Its motto “indivisibiliter ac inseparabiliter” should still apply and we adopt it as our symbol.

Image of the Austro-Hungarian empire crest

Freedom of expression, movement, election and union are rights we take for granted.

The NEW EUROPE Society celebrates our liberties, brings people together. We organise cultural events from concerts and recitals to exhibitions, talks, on literature, music, art, language, technology and science, building new bridges of understanding, dialogue and collaboration for everybody interested.